Channel Letters With Changing Color Leds

Color changing LED channel letters is a all together new concept and makes use of RGB properties of LED's which when mixed together, can create millions of colors. There are two types of Color changing LED channel letters:

LED channel letters Canada

1. Exposed pixel led channel letters

2. LED channel letters with white plexi face.

In the first type of channel letters , the letter faces are made of aluminum and LEDs are pushed thru the aluminum face which has holes in it. During the day time, LEDs are clear so we see the aluminum face color. But when at night, LEDs glow and change color we their effect. These are very good for grabbing the attention at night.

In the second type, there is a plastic face in front of the letters and LEDs are behind the plastic face. During the daytime they look as the standard channel letters with white plastic face but at night time, when LED changes color , that is reflected through the white plastic.

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