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Enhance your brand with the high-tech elegance of an edge-lit sign system from  Signs Outlet , the leader in edge-lit technology. These attractive signs are illuminated from the edge of an acrylic panel that can be laser cut to any shape and then etched to add a real "pop of light" within the acrylic panel. To add even more interest to your brand logo we include colored translucent vinyl's to create a multitude of colors within a single panel. Centsible Lighting offers both cold cathode lamps and LED strips as the light source for illuminating the edge-lit signs. We offer a variety of desk-mount, ceiling hung and wall mounted systems in some standard sizes. (Custom sizes are available). They can also be used for menu displays.

Please dont hesitate to call us at 1 888 610 SIGN (7446) or click here to get a quote.


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Please call 1- 888 - 610 - SIGN (7446) or click here to get a quote