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Goose Neck Lights

The name “gooseneck” derives from the long, slender neck of the fixture that can be turned and angled at any direction.  Not only does this allow for a precise distribution of light over the sign, but it also creates a highly aesthetic decorative factor that enhances the façade of the building.   Buildings in historical district, as well as offices with theme architecture, are greatly enhanced by the aesthetic appeal that gooseneck lights contribute to their façades.The goose neck lights give contemporary look and can shine the non illuminated sign during the night time.

Goose Neck Lights Canada

The sign can be cut out letters, non illuminated channel letters or aluminum faces with graphics, they can shine any of them. Depending upon your budget and look you can choose non illuminated sign and have the goose neck lights shine light on them.

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Please call 1- 888 - 610 - SIGN (7446) or click here to get a quote