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Rental Led Projects Features

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Our rental LED displays are specifically designed to assure the moving purpose of the cabinets as well as stability of a structure for frequent assembling and dismantling

- SMD 3 in 1 technology application takes the LED screen super wide viewing angle and more even cabinet surface for both indoor and outdoor events.
- Vivid color performance. The full screen reaches high conformity on both color and brightness.
- High contrast ratio, high refresh rate, the image is performed well through the LED screen without any delay phenomenon.
- Each specified LED cabinet can be guaranteed with the same brightness and color in different orders. This calibration technology supplies Rental companies with more possibilities to extend the screen.
- Controller Cabinet is a protection for easy transportation for rental controller equipments.
- Specially designed Power Distribution Box, it realizes the easy power supply for rental events anywhere.
- Cabinet mechanical design is easy for rigging system. It saves time for rental companies to assemble and dismantle the LED screen during the events.
- No conjunction lines between cabinet and cabinet. The unique patent design on top of cabinet enables us to make inching adjustment between up and down cabinets.
- Light weight and thin cabinet design enable fast and convenient assembling and dismantling.
- Hidden cables design, vertical cable connection style. There is no cable on the rear surface of LED screen.
- There are handles on top and both sides of the cabinet. It makes assembling work much easier.

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