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Coroplast Signs

Custom Coroplast Signs Toronto

Corrugated plastic, also known by the brand name Coroplast®, is an extremely versatile, extruded twin-wall plastic sheet. It is durable and can be cut to create collapsible signage. Corrugated Plastic is an excellent substitute for poster board or card stock for interior applications. Its surface is not affected by most oils, solvents or water, and cleans easily.

Corrugated plastic is aligned with flutes that generally run horizontally across the width of the sign. There is a slight detection of lines when looking at the material.
By cutting through the first corrugation only, you can create A-frame signs or table tent signs. The cut will also allow the sign to be folded and carried in a briefcase or suitcase.
Corrugated plastic is available in a variety of lengths, widths and thicknesses, and comes in sheets of up to 48" x 120 "
The stocked thickness of corrugated plastic is 3mm (approx. 1/8" to 3/16"), but other sizes are available.
There are several ways you can increase the value and effectiveness of your corrugated plastic signs:
  • Adding striping and/or borders
  • Using additional lettering colors
  • Displaying on cardboard easel
  • Adding a logo
  • Using a graphic symbol
  • Using frames or stakes
Installation and Display
Corrugated plastic signage may be displayed in many ways, including the following:
  • Hanging
  • Self-supporting
  • Suction cups
  • Double-sided tape
  • Velcro®
  • Framed and/or staked

Pricing of Coroplast Signs Toronto (Single Color)(Call us or visit us at any of our locations & get additional 20% off on below posted rates)


Size in Inches Area in Sq Feet Prices
6 X 12 0.5 $ 12
6 X 18 0.75 $ 12
12 X 12 1 $ 12
12 X 18 1.5 $ 15
12 X 24 2 $ 18
18 X 24 3 $ 21
24 X 24 4 $24
Size in Inches Area in Sq Feet Prices
24 X 36 6 $ 36
24 X 48 8 $ 48
24 X 60 10 $ 60
24 X 72 12 $ 72
24 X 96 16 $ 96
36 X 36 9 $ 54
36 X 48 12 $72
Size in Inches Area in Sq Feet Prices
36 X 60 15 $ 90
36 X 72 18 $ 108
36 X 96 24 $ 144
48 X 48 10 $ 60
48 X 60 20 $120
48 X 72 24 $144
48 X 96 32 $ 192


(Add 25% for Chrome lettering, 50% for Reflective and 50% for   Double sided) No Designing Charges (Except Logo)on confirmed orders. 10% discount if the order is placed online or on the phone (1877 758 5957).
Get an additional discount of 10% if you order 2-5 same type of one color signs.


Coroplast or corrugated plastic are the best when you need cheap, quick display, announcement, or advertising solutions in a hurry. They are professional, durable, easy to mount, and economical for your business. No wonder coroplast signs are so popular! And we make the best coroplast signs in Toronto at the most competitive prices.

What makes coroplast so incredibly popular is their light weight property. More rigid sign materials may be better in stormy environments, but they are much harder to install and being heavy they are not useful for handling by the customers themselves.

Coroplast signs have a kind of plastic cardboard feel to them. The surface is slightly ribbed and is matte finish by default (you can order glossy or reflective coating extra). Ideal for short term use, they can be placed outdoors on light supports and you can easily move them around as well.

Though they are intended for short term usage, coroplast signs Toronto are quite durable — they can last up to two-three years barring major calamities. The print is quite durable and will not fade easily even in harsh sun. If placed indoors, they can last decades! Being completely waterproof they aren’t bothered with rain or snow either.

Coroplast signs in Toronto are easy to install and (if provided) easy to shift around as well. They can be hung from the outer wall, placed in a light frame to stand on the lawn, stuck on most surfaces with velcro, suction cups, or even double-sided tape. Virtually anything can be shown on the sign — if it can be printed on paper, it can be printed on corrugated plastic signs.

The corrugated plastic is the numero uno material of choice for any short-term signage needs. We provide full digitally printed, full color or spot color coroplast signs Toronto, which are tough, waterproof, and dent resistant, and last a long time without fading or washing out. It is ideal for both outdoor yard or lawn signs, and indoor point of purchase needs.

Coroplast material is very lightweight and easy to install, that is why they are such a popular signage material. SignsOutlet.com can also produce custom die cut coroplast to any shape, and we take bulk orders as well, printing them out in hundreds! Therefore, no matter what your need be, we can deliver high quality coroplast printing for the most competitive prices in the market.

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