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Safety Films

Safety Films Canada

Security film increases the safety and security of your property and protects those inside.  Made with layers of polyester film bonded by special adhesives, security films create an invisible shield that holds glass shards intact when a pane of glass breaks.  This feature effectively reduces injuries from flying glass shards, which can happen:
During natural disasters like earthquakes and tornados
As a result of an attempted theft
From vandals who have attempted to throw an object through your window
Security Window Film Systems Benefit Residential and Commercial Properties
Window film systems designed with security in mind are ideal for both residential and commercial properties.  Safety film will:
Make entrance to your home through windows more difficult for intruders
Protect surfaces from graffiti
Protect you from UV radiation while still allowing natural light to enter your home
Reduce flying glass-related injuries
Protect your belongings by reducing the fading of fabrics, furnishings, carpets and artwork
Safety and security films are designed to make glass safer.  For your residential home this means that you can rest assured that you will have increased safety from intruders and that your loved ones will be protected.
For your commercial or office building safety and security film are critical to protect your property and employees from a number of situations, including riots and natural disasters.  Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote and to learn more about how safety and security film can protect your residential or commercial property.

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