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Lobby and reception Signs by Signs Outlet

Thu, 12 Jul 2012
[Toronto May 27th 2012]: Signage plays an important role in any business environment, and an effective lobby sign can assure that when your clients or customers enter the building, they instantly know they have arrived in the correct place. Lobby signs assure that the first impression is an excellent impression.
A lobby sign creates an environment that demonstrates your company’s pride in its image and characterizes a commitment to your customers. Whether yours is a small business striving to stand out from the crowd, or a large firm with offices throughout the building, a lobby sign is an inexpensive method to both impress and assist your clients or customers.
Typically consisting of dimensional lettering or artwork in the entryway of a building, lobby signs advertise your service or product and display your company name. To design the most effective lobby signs, keep these considerations in mind:
Consistency:  A basic principle of branding dictates that every time a customer sees your company’s name, it should appear precisely the same. Your lobby sign should be consistent with your other marketing.
Clarity: Keep it simple. You want your customers to recognize your brand immediately without having to read or think about it. Stick with the name and/or company logo and choose a font that is easy to read.
Materials: Since lobby signs don’t have to weather the elements, a wider range of materials are available. Whether you choose aluminum, acrylic, wood, copper, vinyl, foam or some other material, this choice  will create the overall feel and general tone of your sign.
Color : Your lobby sign should use the colors already associated with your brand, but avoid low contrast colors.  Be sure they provide enough contrast to make the letters pop out. Since dimensional lettering can be stepped off the wall consider lighting from behind which can create a wonderful 3-D effect.
Size: Bigger is not necessarily better. Consider the size of the room, the wall on which you will mount the sign, and the distance from which your customers will view it. Lobby signs demand attention but need to be designed for the specific location.
Whatever design you select, lobby signs are an effective method of greeting your customers the moment they arrive at your business. Attractive and well designed lobby signs will increase brand visibility, convey professionalism and improve your company’s image, all at an affordable price.
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